World Kindness Day vs. Friday the 13th

Today is World Kindness Day. The irony of this in conjunction with the attacks in Paris is heartbreaking. My heart is with all those suffering in France today.  All over the world, monuments and buildings are lit in the colors of the French flag, a symbol of solidarity.  We are all French today.

Amidst the chaos and the tragedy of these horrific acts of terrorism, it is easy to fall into despair at the state of the world.  It is easy to fall back on superstition, to say that nothing good can come on Friday the 13th. To do so though absolves some of the responsibility from the shoulders of those who planned and carried out these attacks. Perhaps they chose today to carry out their nefarious plans because of the negativity associated with Friday the 13th, but the blame is on these evil men, and has nothing to do with the date.

In the midst of the shooting and bombings, there are reports of those going above and beyond the call of duty. Again, saying that the Parisian men and women who are opening their doors for those evacuated from the attack sites using #portesouvertes, or “open doors,” or the medical personnel coming in without being called, and working late into the night beyond their shift, are doing so secondary to World Kindness Day is to take away from the actions of these good people, whose kindness is intrinsic to their nature, and not the result of any specific international event.

Every day, we can choose to do good in a world where negativity and tragedy are highlighted and featured.  Let us continue to be the beacon of light for others, to stand for those who cannot, and to open doors that others would have barricaded forever.


5 thoughts on “World Kindness Day vs. Friday the 13th

    • So true. He was a great man. The world would be a better place if everyone heeded his words of wisdom, and it seemed especially appropriate given the tragedies going on all over the world in France, Beirut, Syria, the Russian jet over the Sinai Peninsula…. the list is terrifying and heartbreaking.


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