Brevity and Levity

When it’s the middle of the week, and you can’t see your way to the weekend,  sometimes it is time to pull out the big guns.  For some people, it’s a nice glass of wine or chocolate.  Personally, I love puns.  My kids are just at the ages where they are discovering puns and jokes which are really groan-inducing, but I do love them and the worse the better.  Some say they are the lowest form of humor, but I disagree.  A truly clever pun requires the agility to see beyond the words on the page or as they are pronounced, and to repurpose them for a higher calling, namely humor.  My girlfriend sent me a great one from Christine:  What do you call a snobbish criminal going downstairs?  A condescending con descending.  Terrible, but awesome right?  Some days we need a little brevity and laughter.

My kids love this one:  What do bees like to chew on?  Wait for it–Bumble gum.  They giggle furiously every time they tell me this one. Every time.  For the last 20 times.  Just their giggling sets me off.  As I’m driving them to soccer games or dance class, my back seat is always ringing with laughter and excited conversation.  Their big sister is in college, so it’s just the two partners in crime at home, and they are each other’s best friends (most of the time, anyway).  I get plenty of “She keeps ignoring me” or “He keeps making THIS FACE at me”, too, but for the most part they are still in the stage of enjoying having someone there to play with all the time.  Also, I am still a rock star in their eyes, and have not moved into the role of Wicked Witch of the (South) West yet.  I still get hugs and kisses when I walk in the door (unless the TV is on, of course). My little guy posted this note a few years ago and luckily this policy still stands:  NoGirls


I am loving this age, and am NOT looking forward to this stage (from  b2ap3_thumbnail_honest-notes-from-children-38.jpg

A few years ago, there was a big controversy because of drawings of Jesus laughing.  From my previous post about Ban Bossy, you know I’m not a big fan of censorship unless it is of something promoting hate.  Perhaps it’s because of my belief in people’s ability to be able to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, though my belief in the amount of common sense out there is sorely tested sometimes.  This was a controversy I couldn’t understand.  The Jesus I believe in has a great sense of humor.  Not the cynical, sarcastic kind of humor that takes joy in taking people down, but the joyful kind that sees the light in everything and can laugh about it.  The kind that sees the connections in everything, because isn’t that a central part of humor? It is nearly impossible to connect with people you can’t laugh with.  Our best friends are those whom we have giggled uncontrollably with over big and small things.  Children know this intuitively, this ability to laugh over the little things.  It is adults who forget and have to relearn again the essential truths on a windy Wednesday night.  We all need laughter on our journey, and if it takes a corny joke to bring a smile to your face, I hope it helps today.

Today I am thankful for puns, pictures of Jesus laughing, and websites designed for levity alone.

Because I love baseball and Abbott and Costello (thanks Lisa, for letting me steal this from you):

Photo: Nabbed this from a family took me a minute to get it, then I laughed so hard I almost fell off of my desk chair.

And here’s the YouTube video for the classic skit:

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