Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Today my baby brother turns 35.  He doesn’t look his age, and in fact, I would say all my siblings look younger than their actual ages. I’m not sure if it’s good genes, good living, or just good luck.  Despite that, just typing that sentence has made me feel older.  To distinguish between my two brothers when I’m talking about them to people who don’t know them, I call the older younger brother my little brother, and the youngest brother my baby brother.  Ironically, both little brothers tower over me, and my little sister is taller than me by several inches.  It wasn’t always that way.  There are plenty of pictures of us growing up in which we are posed in stair step fashion, and I was the tallest until about 7th grade when I stopped growing.  It was all downhill from there.  The thing about siblings that I think only children miss out on, is the getting to grow up with them, and getting to watch them grow up, if you are the oldest, like me.   Like all big sisters, I have memories of the annoying baby brother who was always trying to barge into my room when my friends came over.  This was followed by the insufferable teenage years (for both of us).  As he has grown older, I’ve watched my baby brother do things in his own style, his dimply charm winning friends and influencing people with ease.  I remember the high school principal loving him, despite the fact he would fall asleep in math class, a class he managed to ace, of course.  People always ask me if I’m sure he is my brother, and I don’t know how much this has to do with how different we look (he was the captain of our high school’s football team) or with our personalities.

Now that we are both adults, it’s fun to see how different and yet how alike we are.  He is a diehard Lions and Tigers fan, and actually travels to places just to play golf.  I don’t even understand the game of football or why anyone would waste an afternoon watching golf (unless they needed a nap.)  He and I are both foodies, though his concoctions are more adventurous than mine, and always end up having mango or citrus in them for some weird reason.  We both love to travel, though he has been more places for fun than I have.  We both love our families very much.  He is generous to a fault.  His Christmas and birthday presents are always thoughtful and fairly well-wrapped.  He thinks of things like putting together welcome back from maternity leave baskets for his assistant.  He knows more about financial planning and economics than almost anyone I know, and is exceptionally good in his career as a financial consultant (I knew he was paying attention in math class).  I, on the other hand, could put all I know about economics into 1 very short paragraph.  I am proud to say my baby brother has grown up very nicely.  I am blessed to be close to all my siblings, even though we live so far away from them now.  My children are the only nieces and nephew, so they have special relationships with their two uncles and aunt.  To sum up this birthday post for my baby brother, I’ll leave you with these insights into his character from his youngest niece and nephew:

His 10 yr old niece says he is : Playful, kind and cuddly.

His 8 yr old nephew says he is : A bit awesome, fun to play with, and nice.

Today I am thankful for my baby brother, who is a super uncle and a good man.  And ladies, he is single.  (He will probably kill me for that one.)  He should be thankful I didn’t post his picture!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Baby Brother

  1. What about his other oldest niece? No words from her? Anyway, about his food preference, he ate some cubes of watermelon with some spritz of lime at our house last Sunday. He says lime is more sweet than sour. although I do agree that lime does have some sweet taste to it, I don’t think anyone would agree that it is sweeter than it is sour.

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    • She texted me her words, but I had already published the post. I might add them in later. He has funny tastes, but his cooking usually tastes pretty good, so I can’t complain.


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